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Moroccan Gold Progressive Brush Straightening Smoothing Kit 2x1L - Zahhara

by Zahhara

- Samira Moroccan Brush is a hair treatment based on noble extracts and the essential Moroccan Argan and Ojon oils, it has associations of actives that smooth, intensively recovering fragile strands, providing shine, elasticity and a perfectly natural and lasting smooth effect.

Argan Oil is rich in fatty acids such as linolenic and oleic, rich in vitamins A, D and E. 'MOROCCO GOLD' is a powerful moisturizer and natural antioxidant, delays hair aging, restores hair fiber, strengthens, nourishes and revitalizes the hair.

Ojon Oil penetrates deeply into the hair, obtaining better effects on damaged hair. It provides hair cells recovery, intense shine, strength and protects from daily aggressions, such as wind, pollution, sun rays and also from the effects of the dryer and flat iron.

Samira Progressive Moroccan Brush is suitable for all types of hair, compatible with all chemicals, especially for frizzy, rebellious, damaged hair.

100% straight hair.
Smooth formula, without causing discomfort in the application.
Quick application, easy handling.
Compatible with all chemicals.
Treatment, hydration and intense shine.

1° Apply the Moroccan Shampoo to damp hair. Rinse and repeat the application, let it act for 10 to 15 minutes so that the cuticle is fully opened. Rinse thoroughly and dry hair completely with hot air
2° Using a brush, apply the Moroccan Treatment on each strand. After applying, with a fine comb remove any excess product. Dry the applied part 100% with warm air.
3° Make a pre-brush to facilitate the plank process. Divide the hair into thin sections and with the flat iron / flat iron at high temperature, plank 5 to 10 times with the fine comb in front, to obtain the alignment of the strands.
4º After 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly and finish with a brush.

The Samira Moroccan Brush straightens 100% Progressive wires, super hydrated, provides light, malleable wires and intense shine.

-01 Moroccan Brush Shampoo 1l
-01 Moroccan Brush Gloss 1l