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Multifunction Manioc Afro Brazilian Hair Treatment Kit 3x1 - Haskell

by Haskell

The Multifunction Manioc Line has a treatment cycle that includes both the smoothing and the curlers. This treatment replenishes the lost nutrients, aids in the growth and hydrates intensely, distributing the oil throughout the thread.

With an extra dose of emollient agents, moisturizers, vitamins and blend of silicones that untangle the yarns and make combing easier, the line is ideal for those who want defined or silky smooth curls.

Indication: Afro-Brazilian hair.

Multifunction Shampoo: cleans gently removes residues of products left in the hair like leave in, tip repairers, gel, etc. It also pre-conditions and opens the cuticles of the wires, preparing them to receive the treatment.

Softening Conditioner: because all that a hair needs is to be soft and fragrant. This item contains an extra complex of conditioning agents that moisturize and help untangle the wires, leaving them silky and shiny.

Multifunction Mask: Afro hair is usually dried out and requires treatment. Many women use progressive brush, relaxation, permanent afro, brush and flat iron to discipline the wires. This treatment replaces lost nutrients with the use of chemicals, reduces volume and aids hair growth.

01 - Afro Multifunction 1L Mandioca Shampoo
01 - Softening Conditioner Mandioca Afro 1L
01 - Multifunction Afro Cassava Mask 1Kg