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Nano Crystallization Treatment Pos Progress Nano Fiber 2 Products - Forever Liss


The Forever Liss Capital Fit Crystallization Kit with Nano Care Fiber technology issues a set of high-tech assets as a grape seed, xylitol and vitamin and promote capillary waterrelandible to all capital settings and conditions, giving more resistance, revitalization, nutrition and hydration of the wires. Providing the necessary nutrients to keep them the hairy and healthy. The crystallization shampoo specially formulated for the deep care of the wires on the capillary aspecorat. Its exclusive technology nano care fiber keeps the hydrated, malleable, bright, soft and stronger hair. And the essential crystallism mask developed for the deep care of the Eelhora wires in its resistance and elasticity. Its exclusive Nano Care Fiber technology contains intra and intercellular permeation algaffice, allowing assets to penetrate the deepest parts Dafibra.

Xilitol: Highly moisturizing natural long-lasting sugar.

Vitamin E: Modeful antioxidant that acts repair and rebuilding the fabrics of the fabricating in the growth of the hair, in the repair of the wires and also promoting higher hydration.

Keratin: Repairs all the porosity of fiber, recovering and moisturizing in the way.

Grape seed oil: rich in vitamin and will leave the strongest and sturdy yarn, in detailing them more soft and glowing.

- Brightness;
- Softness
- Resistance;
- Permeation;
- Recoves the capilar fiber;
- Water rebalance;
*Free of parabenos, mineral oil and salt.

How to Use:
-Apply the crystallization shampoo on the wet hair, massage gently to the foaming form, let up for 5 minutes and rinse abundantly. If necessary repeat the process for a better result;
-After the wash and still humid, apply the crystallization mask throughout the wire outlets and massage gently;
-Let it act from 10 to 20 minutes, then rinse abundantly;
-Finish how usual.

01 - Forever Liss Nano Crystallization Shampoo 300ml 
01 - Forever Liss Nano Crystallization Chemical Rebalancing Mask 500ml.