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Neutra Quimic Neutralizing pH and Eliminates Chemical Smell 500ml - Borabella


NeutraQuimic is a neutralizer that acts by rebalancing the pH of the strands and scalp thus preventing breakage, fall, dryness, stench of the hair when wet. In addition to reestablishing peptide bonds, acting on disulfide bridges, avoiding thinning and breakage of the wires over time caused by chemical processes.

- Eliminates Bad Smell (caused by progressive organic acids due to sulfur release)
- Prevents Breakage (promotes reconnection of disulfide bridges in the smooth position, preventing breakage and loss of capillary mass)
- Prevents Falling (The scalp and hair follicles have a natural pH around ph 5. When performing a chemical process, such as a Progressive that has an extreme pH of 2 to 2.5, all the scalp and follicles will suffer aggression. and imbalance in its natural ph, this can cause hair drop. NeutraQuimic works by restoring the natural pH, thus avoiding the problem of drop, peeling, oiliness and others.
- Replenishes Nutrients and Lipids (lost during corrosive action of chemicals)
- Extends Chemistry Result (by balancing ph and reconnecting disulfide bridges in permanent smooth straight form).

How to Use:
After finishing any chemical process, wet the hair, remove excess water with the towel; With damp hair apply NeutraQuimic from root to tip, gluing the entire hair and massaging the scalp; Let it take 10 to 15 minutes; Rinse normally and finish as you wish;

-1 Borabella NeutraQuimimic 500ml