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No Poo Crossfit Capillary Schedule SOS Express Hair Treatment 3x100g - Ykas

by Ykas

Thinking about Health, Endurance, Flexibility, Strength and Power, Ykas Cosmetics has once again innovated and developed Ykas Crossfit Express No Poo Capillary Schedule, a practical and complete treatment capable of recovering all hair types in 3 steps and in 20 minutes. It is an intensive and personalized treatment designed for all types of hair, curly, wavy or straight, with mild, moderate or severe damage.

Crossfit Hydration - Instant hydration, increased tensile strength and restoration of shine and softness. It will replenish the strands water, grant deep hydration, softness and shine.

Crossfit Moisturizing - Eliminates dry, split ends, reduces frizz, anti-fogging and aids in curl definition. It will replenish lost lipids and amino acids, intensely nourish, reduce frizz, impart suppleness, silosity and movement.

Crossfit Reconstruction - Restores lost mass, decreases breakage and promotes cuticle sealing. It is ideal for replenishing hair mass (proteins), restoring natural oiliness, rebuilding damaged hair and straightening hair.

How to Use:
After shampooing your hair, remove excess water with a towel. Apply a small portion of Ykas Crossfit Moisturizing strand by strand, starting at the ends, gently massage the strands. Let it act for 5 minutes with or without heat source;
Without rinsing apply Ykas Crossfit Nutrition, do the same and let it work for another 5 minutes. No Rinsing yet apply Ykas Crossfit Reconstruction do the same and let it work for another 5 minutes;
Rinse and finish as desired.

-01 Ykas Crossfit Nutrition Mask 100g
-01 Ykas Crossfit Moisturizing Mask 100g
-01 Ykas Crossfit Reconstruction Mask 100g