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Professional Nourish Home Care Maintenance Treatment 4 Prod. - Zap Cosmetics


The Nourish Line is designed for lifeless and lifeless hair that needs gentle cleansing for the day, making damaged hair nourished and healthy.

The line consists of Shampoo, conditioner, mascara and Primee, which have a vitamin complex that fuses the omega with a mixture of natural oils, ensuring the fixation of the elements and the repair of damaged areas.

How to Use:
The indication of use is simple, and can be done daily:
First wash your hair with Nourish Shampoo and rinse.
Pass the Nourish Conditioner and rinse until the product is removed from the wires.
With the hair washed, apply Nourish Primer to the hair extension, keeping a certain distance from the root.

01 - Zap Nourish Shampoo 300ml;
01 - Zap Nourish Conditioner 300ml;
01 - Zap Nourish Primer 200ml;
01 - Zap Nourish Mask 250g.