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Oils Mix Hydration Nourishing Skin Body Hair Multi Treatment 120ml - Yenzah

by Yenzah

The new Yenzah Oil Mix is ​​the key product for those looking for hydration and nutrition for the hair and skin of the body. It combines 3 oils with amazing properties in 6 different ways of use so you can include it in your routine the way you want!

- Versatility in the modes of use;
- Pure vegetable oils, without the addition of synthetics such as silicones or petrolatum;
- Slightly sweet, smooth and non-cloying floral fragrance;
- Bottle with good volumetry, it doesn't run out in a few uses;
- Smooth texture, can be used by fine hair too;
- Does not worsen the oiliness of the scalp.

How to Use:
- In hair mask or body cream
Apply a few drops of the oil to your hair mask or body cream and apply to the appropriate area.
- wetting
Apply a generous amount to dry hair, from lengths to ends and leave on for at least 30 minutes. Remove in the bath with the help of shampoo.
- Pre-shampoo
Apply enough to cover the strands on dry hair, from length to ends, pause for 10 minutes. Wash your hair as usual.
- Post-bath body hydration
After getting out of the shower and with the skin already dry, apply it all over the body, focusing on the areas that can get drier such as feet, knees and elbows.
- Massage oil
To facilitate a relaxing massage, apply a few drops of the oil to the area to be massaged and proceed. Take the opportunity to feel the relaxing fragrance!
- Finish the hair
To control frizz, add shine and style your hair throughout the day, apply a few drops of the mix of oils in your hand and work through your hair, focusing on the lengths and ends.

-01 Oils Mix 120ml