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Oily Hair Control Cleansing Lemon Kiwi Treatment Shampoo 300ml - Secrets

by Secrets

Secrets Oily Hair acts on the removal of excessive oil in a gentle way so as not to damage the wires or dry them out. It provides softness, shine and lightness to the hair. The soy protein acts in the uniform spreading of the "sebum" along the wires, preventing this oiliness from accumulating. Lemon and kiwi extracts are rich in mineral salts and vitamins A and C. It has a refreshing action and provides a sensation of lightness to oily, normally heavy hair.

How to use: Apply Shampoo Secrets on wet hair and massage gently for a few moments, obtaining a creamy foam. Rinse well and repeat the process, if necessary.ResultReduces excess oiliness, cleanliness and freshness. Light and loose hair

-01 Oily Hair Control Treatment Shampoo 300ml