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Ojon & Argan Treatment Kit 3 Products - VIP

by VIP

The Ojon Oil and Argan Hydrate line is designed for people looking for a daily and affordable treatment for hair that needs discipline and shine because they are damaged and chemically treated. It has been developed to rebuild damaged and chemically treated hair, ensuring softness, nutrition and control.

Is designed to meet beauty professionals who need products with larger quantities to use in the wash basins, and that do not compromise on the quality of the raw materials.

Besides the pleasant essence of the oils of argan and ojon that make the hair smells good. With technology composed of ojon oil, argan oil, lactic acid and proteins, the line guarantees natural looking hair with intense shine.

How to use:
- Apply Ojon and Argan Shampoo to damp hair. Apply with care and over the length of the strands until you raise foam.
- Rinse abundantly, repeat this process at least once more, for best results.
-Apply enough Ojon and Argan Mask, massage by gently plastering the wires. Let it act for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse.
- Apply the Ojon and Argan Conditioner along the length and ends of the hair, to complete the process of moisturizing the hair.
- Then rinse with enough water to remove any product from the hair.

01 - Nutritive Ojon & Argan Shampoo 1l
01 - Nutritive Ojon & Argan Conditioner 1l