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Professional Okra Progressive Brush Treatment Kit 2x300ml - Maria Escandalosa


Okra Progressive Brush it is a treatment that replenishes the lost hydration and completely smooths your hair in the first application sealing the cuticles for strong threads, with shine and softness.

It contains essential vitamins and minerals for the health of the hair that act on the internal and external part of the hair fiber with the regeneration of the parts with accumulation of damage, which leave the hair weak, opaque and lifeless.

In addition to increasing the resistance of the capillary cortex and closing the cuticles, the treatment forms a film on the threads that protects it from further damage and keeps the hair strong, soft and with intense shine.

Okra Profressive is rich in vitamins A, C, iron, phosphorus and calcium, increases the natural resistance of the hair against daily damage and enhances the shine and softness of the strands.

How to Use:

Apply a sufficient amount of Anti-Residue Shampoo on the hair, massaging all its length, until obtaining a rich and creamy foam;

- Let it act for a few minutes, rinse and repeat the process until the cuticles are fully opened;

- Debt the hair in four parts;

- Dry 100% of the threads, then apply Okra Thermo Active Mask, strand by strand spreading throughout the hair;

- Let it act for 10 minutes;

- Dry using a brush and finish with flat iron in thin strands from the roots to the ends;

- Rinse and finish as you prefer.


-01 Maria Escandalosa Okra Anti Residue Shampoo 300ml

-01 Maria Escandalosa Okra Thermo Active Mask 300ml