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One Organic One Step Progressive Brush Gloss Straightening Mask 1L - Fox

by Fox

Fox Progressiva Gloss One Organic is a revolutionary product in a single step, it provides light, soft and loose hair, in addition to dispensing prewash.
Made with essential organic fatty acids, they act as a mild acidulant, which helps alignment, promoting uniformity of the cuticular surface, pH balance and sealing the cuticles.

It helps in the alignment of the thread, promoting the total sealing of the cuticles;
Provides nutrition, strengthening, shine, softness, loose hair, treated and disciplined.

How to Use:
Apply on clean and damp hair spreading throughout the hair;
After applying a break of approximately 20 to 40 minutes. The pause time may vary according to the hair structure;
After the pause is completed, rinse the hair using only water, then brush until the strands are fully aligned;
Then plank in very thin strands, until the cuticle is completely sealed;
Finish as you wish.

-01 One Organic Progressive Brush Gloss 1L