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Brazilian Hair Volume Reducer Treatment 3 in 1 1000ml - Ony Liss

The Ony Liss Volume Reducer Treatment 3 in 1 is a thermo-activated protector. Treatment that backs off and reduces frizz, eliminates static electricity, closes fos cuticles and protects from dryness caused by dryer heat and pollution.
With its unique formula, Ony Liss Volume Reducer 3 in 1 Treatment seals the cuticles of the threads, leaving them totally free of dryness and prolonging the durability of the smooth effect for longer.

For any type of hair that needs moisturizing capillary hair straightening, especially for curly, rebellious and frizz hair.

How to use:
- Apply in the semi-humid wires, leave to act for 20 minutes;
- Do a pre-drying of 50% and make a brush then plank. Wait for the hair to cool;
- Rinse without shampoo;
- Use the leave-in or treatment mask;
- Finish as you wish.

1x Volume Reducer Ony Liss Treatment 3 in 1 - 1000ml