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Organic Formol Free Progressive Omega Treatment All Time 2x1L - Zap Cosmetics


Progressive Brush most beloved in Brazil, now with a novelty - Organic. All Time Organic is 100% formaldehyde-free, compatible with any chemical. Try it, I guarantee you will love it.

Organic shampoo promotes intense cleansing and removes all accumulated residues in the hair, opening cuticles and leaving hair ready for organic conditioning treatment.

Organic Mask is an intense hair treatment to rebuild the entire hair fiber. Enriched with Omega 3-6, Castor Oil and Canola Oil, it provides essential nutrients to restore the elasticity of extra dry hair and natural bio-protection. Exhibiting excellent softness to the hair.

How to Use:

With your hair already cleaned by Organic Shampoo and slightly damp, divide it into quadrants. Apply the Organic Mask evenly over the entire length of the strands, root to tip, with the help of a brush and comb, strand by strand. Leave on for 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of hair. After the time of action, rinse off excess product. With a dryer, make a pre brush, then plank in thin strands. Rinse hair and finish as desired.


-01 Zap All Time Organic Shampoo 1L

-01 Zap All Time Organic Treatment Mask 1L