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OX Hair Tinting Bleaching Lotion 6 Volumes 1,8% 900ml - Agilise Professional


Indicated for coloring process whose objective is to darken or tone the hair. It has a low concentration of peroxide making the concentration of pigments higher. It has Pracaxi Oil and Collagen, responsible for nourishing and strengthening the wires.

Hydrogen peroxide: effective oxidant, with the advantage of being environmentally friendly, as it decomposes into oxygen and water, being the most versatile that exists as a bleach.

Collagen: formed by amino acids is responsible for strengthening the hair.

Pracaxi Oil: source of vitamins and fatty acids, it is highly hydrating and nourishing. It has the power to increase the shine of the hair, reduce the fall and protect against the formation of split ends.

How to use: Add in a non-metallic container, two parts of the Toning Lotion with one part of Color Additive or Agilise coloring.

BLOCK TEST: Mix a little of the product and apply it to a thin section of hair on top of the head, let it act for the indicated action time (approximately 30 minutes) and wash the section. If the hair becomes brittle or heats up, it is a sign that it is not ready to use the product.

TOUCH PROOF: Prepare a little of this product as if you were going to use it. Apply on the forearm or behind the ear and let it act for 30 minutes. Wash the area and wait 24 hours, and if skin irritation, itching or burning appears in the area or nearby, the person's hypersensitivity to the product is proven and, therefore, the product should not be used.

-01 OX Tinting Lotion 6 Volumes 900ml