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Brazilian Professional Organic Progressive Moister Oxireduct Brush 1L - Tyrrel

by Tyrrel

Oxireduct is an organic treatment enriched with amino acids, vitamins, rice proteins and quarternary keratin, which acts on the hair fiber softening them and thus facilitating the perfect alignment of the hair.

How to use:
Apply Oxireduct Brush to the full length of the hair, respecting 1cm from the root.
Break Time - Blonde Hair: Pause 10 to 30 minutes. Normal Hair: Pause 40 to 60 minutes. Resistant hair (curly, virgin, etc.): Pause 60 to 90 minutes (cover the hair with a plastic cap to enhance the action). Rinse thoroughly. Then brush and flat iron in the following proportions: Blond Hair: Surf 10-15 times at 180 °C. Normal Hair: Surf 15 to 20 times at 215 °C Hard Hair: Surf 20 to 25 times at 230 °C

-1 Tyrrel Oxirreduct Organic Progressive 1L