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Moisturizing Hair Cleaning Liss Ciare Detangling Bamboo Shampoo 1L - Paiolla

by Paiolla

Preparing the hair before and after application of the Bamboo Progressive Brush contributes to a better action of the active ingredients in your hair. The Detangling Bamboo Shampoo acts as an anti-residue, cleaning the chemical accumulations left over time in the threads.

Detangling Bamboo Shampoo is enriched with silk protein and collagen that works to clean hair strands, being recommended by the best hair professionals as the best shampoo for hair with progressive and highlights on the market. All this because it harmonizes the wires attacked by the action of the dryer and other chemicals.

How to Use:
Apply Detangling Bamboo Shampoo to your hair, massaging well. Rinse thoroughly with water and then repeat the procedure. After the procedure, apply the Liss Ciare Bambu Reconstructive Mask to obtain the best result.

-01 Paiolla Liss Ciare Detangling Bamboo Shampoo 1L