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Piscina Pool Sun Sea Coconut Oil Hair Finishing Humectation 100ml - Acquaflora


Composed mainly of Lauric acid triglycerides, Coconut Oil has a great affinity for the protein present in the hair fiber. Its low molecular weight and polarity facilitate penetration into the cuticle and permanence in the cortex. Considered an antioxidant, it significantly reduces the loss of protein caused by oxidation and cuticle rupture, minimizing damage.

How to Use:
Can be used for sun protection, thermal protection, wetting and finishing.
Finishing - for a better result, apply a small amount in the palm of the hands. , rubbing them well. Spread over the entire length of clean, damp hair and proceed with a brush or let it dry naturally. For shine, or to reduce frizzy hair, apply to dry hair.
Humectation – apply all over the hair, let it act for a few hours and then wash it off.

-01 Piscina Coconut Oil 100ml