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PlastBixyplastia Honma Tokyo

Step 2 Treatment ONLY

The PlastHair Bixyplastia line was developed exclusively with a precious blend, which brings together the main Amazon oils:Copaíba oil, passion fruit, nuts, Babassu, Annatto and Pracaxi, interacting with Cysteine, making the perfect synergy the wire inside out, rebuilding and recovering all its elasticity, strength and endurance. It has the unique formula of Bixyplastia action that restores vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids, providing immediate repair, resulting in high power of hydration, softness and extreme brightness. Suitable for all hair types.

Shampoo PlastHair Bixyplastia
How to use: With wet hair, apply a small amount of Shampoo PlastHair Bixyplastia, massaging the roots and enluvando to the tips. Rinse well without leaving residue of the product. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

The Mask Reconstructive PlastHair Bixyplastia 
How to use: After washing the hair with shampoo PlastHair Bixyplastia, dry them by 50% with warm and dryer divide them into four shares. Apply the mask Reconstructive PlastHair Bixyplastia strand by strand, 1 cm from the root, aligning the wires with fine comb. Let stand for 20 minutes. Dry 100% hair with warm dryer. It is not necessary to brush. Flat iron thin slivers as often as needed. Rinse well with warm water until the complete removal of the product. Fininish as desired.

-1 reconstructive plasthair bixyplastia mask 1L