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Platinum Blond Toning Ontioxidant Hair Mask Conditioner 250g - Forever Liss

Forever Liss Platinum Blond Toning Mask promotes deep hydration and repair of the hair fiber, deixing you completely pure and silky. Naturally increases or brightens two fights deixing your hair protected against wounded effects caused by chemical or natural oxidation. Especially indicated for or use in hair, gray, and with wicks, the exclusive polyphenol formula of Rose Grape and Mirtilo, which together with delicious ingredients in proteins and vitamins, corrects favorably with excessively wounded tones caused by chemical or oxidative effects caused by natural or chemical oxidation.

-Grape Rose: Vitamin B and C complement that strengthens the fios and promotes antioxidant effect eliminating or unwanted tamping us hair.
- Mirtilo: Vitamin B and C complex that protects the fios against two effeitos two livres rad eis and because of its smoothness, it provides intense shine and nourishment to the hair.

How to Use:
After the use of shampoo, apply to the hair Platinum Blond Mask. Comb and massage the hair strands. Let it act for 5 8 minutes and let it act. Finish as you wish.

01 - Forever Liss Platinum Blond Toning Mask 250g

Platinum Blond:
A Forever Liss Professional, a brand of Profissional Cosmetics for Cabelo and specialized in products to smooth, reduce volume and intensely hydrate the hairs of mulheres from all over the world, especially for Cabelos Loiros ou com Wicks that Forever Liss Platinum Blond promotes hydração, maciez e matização relied on us removing or awened effect that all loire hates. Conheça or Maravilhoso becomes a Loire Mighty Forever Liss Platinum Blond.