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Brazilian Treatment Blond Effect Platinum White Hair Mask Toning 500ml - Nuance

by Nuance

The Platinum Mask Tinting Mask enhances the platinum white of the gray, blond, discolored and natural strands, counteracting the yellowishness of the hair. Made with acid pigments and Violet give greater emollience to blond hair.

Enriched with Creatine and Complex Keratin, it penetrates deep into the cortex giving strength and resistance to weak and devitalized wires. Due to its low molecular weight with antioxidant properties it provides silky, nourished, well-groomed, long-lasting hair with ultra shine, prolonged hydration and anti-rubber effect.

How to Use:
- With damp hair apply the Platinum Mask Tinting Mask by rubbing and spreading from the roots to the roots. Let it take 1 to 5 minutes to observe the action of the product on the hair. Rinse thoroughly

1 Platinum Mask Tinter - 500ml