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Power Bomb Biotin Amino Acids Hair Growth Treatment Kit 2x300ml - Magic Beauty

Treatment kit for damaged hair. Magic Beauty Power Bomb Duo Kit cleans, strengthens the wires, reduces breakage and conditions.

Magic Beauty Power Bomb Duo Kit has a formula rich in biotin and amino acids, which reduces split ends, repairs and provides resistance for wires to grow quickly, with strength and vitality. An efficient solution for fragile and brittle hair.

Biotin: Vitamin B complex, which helps in the growth and strengthening of wires.

Amino Acids: Helps repair weakened, thin and damaged hair.

How to Use:
Distribute some shampoo on wet scalp and massage well. Next wash and repeat the operation.

Apply conditioner through lengths and ends. Let it act for 1 minute and remove completely with water.

-01 Magic Beauty Power Bomb - Shampoo 300ml: cleanses and improves the resistance of the hair.
-01 Magic Beauty Power Bomb - Conditioner 300ml: helps to repair fragile hair fiber and aids in hair growth.