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Power Fitness Capillary Anabolic Mass 2.4kg - Floractive

Power Fitness Mass is a capillary mass repository, which supplies the needs of the wire, leaving it light, clear, shiny and treated. Contains a set of amino acids that recovers the capillary fiber and forms a barrier of protection against external agents.

If with correct use, this protein can increase the energy and strength for the wires. Creatine recovers the mass of the yarn, its difference is in the particle size in relation to Keratin, smaller and that it resembles micro versions of the protein, which is an asset at the time of application in the locks, as it facilitates the absorption and avoids the saturation effect.

Vitamin B Complex
Vitamins that helps in the growth, in the healing of the scalp

Powerful agent for moisturizing dry hair. A natural lipid that, in treatments, potentiates the hydration of the hair, nourishes and lends the resected wires more luster. It works as a natural protective barrier, helping to keep the hair cuticles tightly together and the result is shiny, healthy hair.

Wheat Protein
 Hydroretting agent and hydrocaptor for wires. Hair styler reduces the static electricity charge of hair strands.

How to Use:
-After washing the wires;
-Dry by removing excess moisture with the towel and apply the Power Fitness Mass Capillary Anabolic in all length and ends;
-Massage by gloating gently;
-Pause 5 to 15 minutes.
-Rinse and dry as usual.