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Power Reconstruction Hydration Damaged Hair Treatment Mask 300g - MAB

by MAB

Mask for damaged hair. MAB Marco Antônio de Biaggi Power Reconstruction promotes intense reconstruction and hydration that returns strength and malleability.

MAB Marco Antônio de Biaggi Power Reconstruction restores the capillary structure severely damaged due to constant chemical processes, such as straightening and coloring, with the replacement of capillary mass and increased elasticity of the cortex against breakage. Formula developed with pure and noble oils, rich in fatty acids, which preserve the integrity of the threads by sealing the cuticles and providing softness.

Argan, Camelina and D-Panthenol oils: rich in antioxidants, nutrients and repairing vitamins, they restore battered and damaged areas, retain moisture within the cortex and protect hair against further damage.

How to use:
After washing your hair with the MAB Marco Antônio de Biaggi shampoo, remove the excess water from the strands with a towel and distribute the mask over the length and ends of the strands. Enluve lock by lock and let it act for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse well with water.

-01 Power Reconstruction Mask 300g