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Prime Collection Progressive Brush 2x1L - Fox

by Fox

Essential oils are always present in the beauty rhymes, rich in sealant resins, repair a capillary fiber promoting the sealing of the cuticle, giving a smooth and disciplined effect to the rebellious threads. 

How to Use:
-With wet hair apply Anti-Wastes Shampoo, rubbing hair from root to tip. Repeat one application for 2 times and the last time the product acts for 20 minutes. If it matters, run a new application and let it soak, start the second and end with freshly opened cuticles. It repairs a capillary fiber giving a "smooth and disciplined" effect to the rebellious hair. Reduces and treats damaged, porous and lifeless yarns at first application, restoring weakened hair.
-Apply a mask over clean, moist hair from the root and ends and brush the hair in thin wicks and finish with a board. The hair can be washed because there has been a sealing of the cuticles.

Assets - Sealing Resins, Canola Oil, Myrrh Oil.

-Prime Shampoo 1L
-Prime Reconstructor Mask 1L