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Professional 3D Effect Hair Coloring Marsala Toning Tint Mask 250g - Probelle


Specially developed to intensify and revitalize the color of marsala hair, dark reds and with wine tones, in addition to disguising or even coloring white threads, eliminating hair oxidation.

It replenishes in depth the amino acids and proteins lost by external aggressions and chemical processes. Its sophisticated formula with low molecular weight raw materials allows greater penetration into the fiber, revealing shine, silkiness and wicks with a long-lasting effect and unmatched texture.

Promotes elasticity, exceptional shine, surprising vitality and anti-free radical action.

How to Use:
After washing your hair with Shampoo, rinse and apply the Marsala Probelle Toning Mask all over the hair. Let it act (pause time between 10 and 20 minutes), it will depend on the desired hair tone. Rinse thoroughly!

-01 Probelle Hair Coloring Marsala Toning Tint Mask 250g