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Professional High Performance Hair Bleaching Powder Ultra Blonde 300g - Probelle

Specially formulated to be used in all discoloration, wicks, reflections, balling and lightening processes, with very high performance, long lasting effect and anti-yellow effect.

Developed with raw materials of the highest technology, it has incredible texture that minimizes the effects of dryness, protecting from damage, with a simple and fast method. Provides up to 9 levels of whitening.

How to Use:
The bleaching mass must be applied to unwashed hair. The exposure time will depend on the health conditions of the fiber and the desired result.
Check the lightening level every 5 minutes. It should not exceed 30 minutes.
If any irritation such as itching, burning or redness occurs, discontinue use immediately and rinse with warm water. If necessary, seek medical advice.

-01 Probelle Bleaching Powder Ultra Blonde 300g