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Profesisonal Keratin Hair Treatment Enchanted Magic Potion Mask 500g - Probelle


A product developed to keep hair healthy and shiny, the Probelle Magic Potion Mask is a deep hydration of the hair, which is full of life and vitality. The movement and balance return to the threads since the first application.

With a rejuvenating action, the Probelle Magic Potion Mask promotes complete hair restoration, since it is composed of third generation raw materials, ideal for all types of hair.

Elasticity returns to the hair with the Probelle Magic Potion Mask that stays healthy and nourished, full of life and movement. The product does not weigh on the hair, which has a natural action on the hair.

In addition, the Probelle Magic Potion Mask reinforces the hair's natural defenses, which neutralizes the pH of the hair, and immediately corrects any damage that exists in the hair, keeping the hair healthy and shiny.

Another characteristic of the Probelle Magic Potion Mask is that it keeps the hair protected against dryness and does not cause the colored threads to fade, acting without harming and damaging the hair.

How to Use:
- With the wires are clean and still moist
- Apply the mask and gently massage the strands.
- Let the product act for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse, removing all the product from the wires.
- Finish as you wish.

-01 Probelle Enchanted Magic Potion Mask 500g