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Force Ultra Cauter Dry Damaged Hair Correcting Sérum Finisher 60ml - Probelle


The Force Ultra Probelle Correcting Serum is especially indicated for very dry, curly and sensitive hair due to chemical aggressions. It was developed with last generation silicones and enriched with keratin, promotes exceptional nutrition and thermoprotection, provides long-lasting shielding with anti-humidity and sensory barrier. leaving hair soft and smooth.
The Probelle Corrector Serum minimizes the damage caused by the action of the high temperatures of the straightener in addition to having sunscreen.

How to Use:
- Apply one or two pressures of Probelle Relax Fluid to the palm of your hand.
- Massage the entire length of dry hair
- Finish by straightening your hair naturally.

-01 Probelle  Force Ultra Cauter Dry Damaged Hair Correcting Sérum 60ml