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Professional Brazilian Hair Treatment Pro Wheat Premium Kit 3x1L - Dwell'x

by Dwell'x

Reconstructive treatment shampoo Made with the highest technology, it promotes complete cleaning of the hair and sealing of the hair cuticles through the Blend system, amphoteric cells that adjust to each type of hair need.

Main Benefits: Provides shine, softness and silkiness Complete hygiene High technology system
Stimulates natural keratin of the hair Integral treatment of the hair

Reconstructive conditioner treatment Moisturizing conditioner that acts in 3 minutes. It has highly moisturizing and emollient assets. Promotes shine, softness and hydration, in addition to having powerful antioxidant that restores and restores the integrity of the hair.

Main Benefits: Practical and express hydration Forms a protective film on the threads Restores the hair efficiently Returns the elasticity instantly Thermal protection

Reconstructive treatment mask The Premium Mask gives shine and returns elasticity instantly, in addition to protecting against heat. Gives economy, efficiency and practicality to hair treatments.

Main Benefits: Conditioning in 3 minutes Moisturizing and emollient actives Gives shine, softness and hydration Antioxidant action to fight the aging of the threads Rescues the integrity of the hair

-01 Dwell'x ProTrigo Premium Shampoo 1L
-01 Dwell'x ProTrigo Premium Conditioner 1L
-01 Dwell'x ProTrigo Premium Mask 1L