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Professional Capillary Coconut Oil Cocoanut Anjore Hair Nutrition 30ml - Anjore

by Anjore

Coconut Oil is a natural asset rich in fatty acids that conserves the hydration of the threads and has antioxidant properties, in addition to protecting the threads, promoting nutrition, hydration and a lot of shine.

Anjore Coconut Oil can be used on all types of hair, especially curly, curly and wavy hair. It restores the natural moisture in the hair and aligns the surface of the hair with the sealing of the cuticles so that they have more definition, are protected from frizz and easy to comb.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair:

* Damage recovery;
* Moisture retention;
* Conditioning;
* Dandruff prevention;
* Toning;
* Prevents dryness;
* Elimination and prevention of split ends;
* Hydration;
* Brightness;
* Emollience;
* Nutrition;
* Oil and PH controller;
* Assist in growth and fortification;
* Lipid replenisher;
* Sealing the cuticles, and more.

How to use:
- For finishing and thermal protection: apply on damp or dry hair, spreading from length to ends. Without rinsing.
- For hair moistening: apply the oil strand by strand evenly and let it act for at least 30 minutes. Suggestion: Do it at night, before going to sleep, and wash and condition the hair in the morning, the next day.
- To enhance the effect of masks, shampoos and conditioners: mix 5 to 8 drops for each 20g of product.

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