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Professional Capillary Isotonic Hydration Treatment Mask 240g - La Bella Liss


It has a formula rich in coconut and castor oil, natural antioxidants that strengthen hair from root to tip, repairing damage and fighting frizz. Its formula, rich in trace elements of mineral salts such as copper, zinc, magnesium and manganese, provides hydration, nutrition, softness and returns the beauty of the threads. It's all your hair needs to regain vitality, strength and grow healthily, without breakage, without damage.

The Capillary Isotonic can be used for all types of hair and fits the nutrition stage of the special Hair Schedule that La Bella Liss has prepared for you. It is the supplement that was missing for your care routine to become even more complete and effective!

How to Use:
After washing the hair, remove excess moisture from the hair and apply the ideal amount for your hair type and / or need, strand by strand, gloving well and massaging the length of the hair. For quick hydration and intense conditioning, pause for 5 minutes. For a more complete treatment, let the product act for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water until the product is completely removed. Finish as usual.

-01 La Bella Liss Isotonic Mask 240g