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Vegan Fortifying Intensive Hydration SOS Cassava Hair Botox Mask 500g - BeloFio

by BeloFio

Reconstructive Mask with anti-frizz / anti-volume action that promotes intense hydration of the threads, repairing the cracks in the capillary cuticles with the function of preventing the pear mass from the threads.

Shea Butter; Coconut oil; Tourmaline Extract; Semi di lino extract; Cassava extract.

How to use:
With clean hair, with the help of a brush apply the Reconstructive Mask, in strands along the entire length. Let it act. Thin and discolored hair from 10 to 15 minutes and resistant hair up to 30 minutes. Wash your hair well by removing excess product with water. Brush and then plank in thin strands.

-01 BeloFio SOS Cassava Botox Mask 500g