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Professional Healthy Hair Growth Biotin Pro Vitamin B5 Hair Tonic 60ml - Lowell

by Lowell

Enriched with Biotin (Vitamin H) and Pro Vitamins B5, in addition to other nutrients and actives that promote hair recovery and strengthening, the Lowell Dynamic line is composed of shampoo, conditioner and hair tonic and presents an incredible solution for the treatment and hair care with excessive hair loss, weakening and difficulty in growth.

Exclusive and created from the highest technology, the formulas of Lowell Dynamic products act directly on the scalp, stimulating blood circulation in the region and act effectively in reducing hair loss, promoting rapid and healthy growth. At the same time, they deeply nourish the hair, making it healthy, hydrated, strengthened, resistant and shiny.

Developed with biotechnological innovation to reactivate and protect the cells of the scalp, the Lowell Dynamic Tonic has as main objective to revitalize a new hair cycle, favoring the accelerated and continuous growth and reducing the hair loss. Through its assets, it promotes high nutrition to the hair follicles without causing possible irritability in the scalp.

How tu Use:
Shake before using. After washing and conditioning the strands, remove excess water and apply the tonic over the entire length of the scalp. Massage with your fingertips. Do not rinse. Let it dry naturally or wait 10 minutes to use the dryer.

The Experts Teach - The tonic acts only on the scalp. So, if you need to protect or untangle the strands, use a leave-in specific to your hair type.

-01 Lowell Dynamic Tonic 60ml