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Professional Home Care Anti-Frizz Total Smooth Kit - Forever Liss


Forever Liss Professional Home Care Anti-Frizz increases the duration of progressive brushing on wires with intense hydration and nutrition. Is the complete solution to discipline rebellious hair, especially on wet days. While restoring lost hydration, its formula keeps the cuticles sealed to prevent the loss of essential nutrients and protect the hair from the creeping effect.
In addition, Forever Liss Professional Home Care Anti-Frizz contains proteins that restore damaged capillary fiber by rescuing strength and endurance. With this combination, your hair guarantees the health it deserves with natural smooth and long lasting.

Argan Oil and Cocoa: protect the wires from oxidation caused by free radicals while providing soften and brighten
Milk Amino Acids: intense hydration for flexible, soft to touch and luminous wires
Wheat Protein: rich in vitamin E, increases the resistance of the hair fiber to daily aggressions and strengthens its structure
Hazelnut extract: forms a protective film on the hair fiber, which becomes softer and softer
Cationic Polymers: it acts in the closure of the cuticles of the threads, prevents the formation of frizz and facilitates the combing
Butchers of Tucumã, Cupuaçu and Karité: leaves the hair malleable, protected from moisture, double ends and thermal heat
Lecithin: bio-organic active extracted from soy, which stimulates healthy hair growth

How to use:
-Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage the scalp and wires into lather.
-Rinse and reapply if necessary. Then remove excess moisture with a towel and distribute the mask at length and ends.
-Massage gently and disengage with the aid of a wide-toothed comb. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
-Use the conditioner on the length and ends for cuticle closure. Leave on for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Finish with leave-in on dry or wet hair, from the length to the ends of the strands. Model as you wish.

-1 Anti Frizz Control Repair Shampoo Home Care 300ml
-1 Anti Frizz Control Repair Conditioner Home Care 300ml
-1 Anti Frizz Leave In 5 in 1 Home Care 300ml
-1 Anti Frizz Control Repair Deep Mask 250g