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Salon Line Professional Keratin Kit Curly Weak Brittle Hair Treatment 8 Prod.

Brittle hair usually shows signs of weakness and one of them is the breakage of the hair in length. This is because the hair is lacking in essential vitamins to keep it looking healthy.

To replace all these vitamins that are missing in your locks, we at Salon Line, created the monthly treatment for curly and curly hair - weak and brittle.

In this treatment the cleaning of the threads is done by the Original Pump Shampoo S.O.S Rich in vitamins, this product contains in its formula: Whey Protein, Vitamin A, D-Panthenol, Biotin and Castor Oil.

For pre-shampoo, conditioner, co-wash and even styling cream, this treatment includes Multy Multifunctional Cream. Formulated with vitamin A, E and D-panthenol.

For a power hydration the treatment includes the S.O.S Hydration Mask, which contains in its formula: Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Castor Oil.

The finalization of curly and frizzy hair is due to the Combing Cream of the S.O.S Original Pump line, as it has the same moisturizing properties that prevent the breakage of the hair as the Shampoo of the line.

How to Use: 
Start treatment with the S.O.S Pump Shampoo. Apply the Shampoo to wet hair. Massage the root to foam. Rinse. Then, remove excess water and apply the mask from length to ends. Wait 3 minutes and rinse.
Use Multy as a conditioner to seal the hair cuticles. To finish, apply the S.O.S Pump Combing Cream, strand by strand.
In the next washing, always change the use of the shampoo with the co-wash technique, that is, wash the hair only with conditioner using Multy. This process maintains the natural oiliness of the threads.

Don't forget Multy can also be used to finish hair alone or with mixes. Use, your cool creativity!

Repeat these processes during the month!

Vegan: yes
Age: from 12 years old.
Hair type: curly - weak and brittle.

-02 Salon Line S.O.S Pump Shampoo 500ml
-01 Salon Line S.O.S Turbined Hydration Mask 1kg
-03 Salon Line S.O.S Pump Combing Cream 500ml
-02 Salon Line  Multy Multifunctional Cream 1L