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Professional LeaveIn Finisher Smooth Hair Treatment 7 Days 160ml - La Bella Liss


No matter if your hair is straight with volume, wavy or curly, do you want to leave the hair straight, without frizz and with intense shine?

The Leave In 7 Days Liss by La Bella Liss is a temporary straightening, without chemical, which promotes smooth hair for up to 7 days (depends on the type of hair and amount of washes during this period). All this thanks to the White Tourmaline that acts on the threads completely sealing the cuticles and protecting them from the heat of drying and flat iron. Finisher without rinsing that helps in practicality and ease in brushing.

How to Use:
The leave-in smooth effect 7 Days is a product without rinsing, so it should be used on damp (already clean) hair. Apply a sufficient amount of the product over the entire length of the wires, 1 cm from the root. Let it act for 5 to 10 minutes and finish by making a neat brush. For a better and more lasting result, use a board in thin strands. During this 7-day period wash your hair a maximum of 1 or 2 times, to prevent the effect from leaving (do not use anti-residue shampoo while the product is on the strands).

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