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Professional Hair Treatment Bamboo Bath Shampoo and Conditioner 2x1L - Natureza


The shampoo offers an effective cleaning enriched with precious remineralized ingredients to help in the hair fiber reconstruction process. The Bamboo Bath strengthens and activates hair growth, revitalizing essential vitamins for your hair health.

Bamboo Bath Conditioner detangles, conditions and provides softness. Enhances the shine of the threads, but without losing lightness. Bamboo strengthens and activates hair growth and replenishes the essential vitamins for your hair health.

How to Use:
Apply to damp hair and distribute evenly throughout the scalp, massage gently for a few moments. Wash thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Apply the conditioner to damp hair and lightly massage the entire scalp; comb rinse thoroughly.

01 - Bamboo Bath Shampoo 1L
01 - Bamboo Bath Conditioner 1L