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Professional Natural Therapy Organic Biotin Mint Ginger Mask 1Kg - Natureza


Natural Therapy Biotin Mask is an organic and biodegradable Home Care treatment that does not harm nature, as its components are extracted from nature and are diluted in the shower water, thus not harming the environment. It is indicated for all types of hair and was developed to hydrate, nourish, strengthen and accelerate the growth of the strands, giving much more vitality and shine.

Enriched with ginger and mint together with Biotin and Coffee oil that make the hair grow faster and with much more strength and protected against breakage and fall.

How to Use:
With clean hair apply Natural Therapy Biotin Mask on damp wet hair and spread it all over your hair. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse.

-01 Natureza Biotin Mask 1Kg