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Professional Ultra Concentrated Coconut Oil Varnish Bath 60ml - Forever Liss


Forever Liss Coconut Oil Varnish Bath is the newest launch of the line that is already successful due to the power of shine and hydration in the threads. It was developed with ultra concentrated multifunctional silicones that have conditioning properties leaving the hair softer, hydrated and shiny, in addition to facilitating the hairstyle by nourishing and repairing the split ends that both disturb women's hair.

- Coconut Oil: Rich in Fatty Acids, it strengthens the hair making it a deep nutrition and hydration, also avoiding the so hated frizz.

- Hydration;
- Nutrition;
- Softness;
- Extreme Brightness;
- Thermal protection;
- Repair of Double Tips.

How to use:
- Apply a few drops on the palm, spreading evenly over the strands.
- Can be used before or after the board or dryer.

01 - Ultra Concentrated Coconut Oil Varnish Bath 60ml