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Progressive Brush Straightening Hair Treatment Organic Liss Formol Free 1L - Aloe

by Aloe
Progressive Organic Liss Formol Free was developed with essential nutrients, rich in proteins, promotes the thermal shielding of the cuticle, reducing the volume.

Hydrolyzed product with Keratin and Amino Acids.

How to use: Wash hair with Anti-Residue Shampoo twice. Dry your hair with a towel so that it is as dry as possible. Then apply Progressiva Organic Liss strand by strand with the aid of a very fine comb to spread the product well and increase yield, avoiding excess product in each strand. After applying it all over the hair, pause for 30 to 50 minutes, according to the resistance obtained in the strand test. Rinse 80% of the product and then dry and brush well. Then iron the hair in very thin strands of 10 to 15 times each strand. If you prefer after getting stoned, you can wash your hair and condition it after the process.

Strand Test: Take a small strand of hair and apply a small amount of the Progressiva Organic Liss product from root to tip and pause for up to 50 minutes. Then rinse and check the resistance of the wire, if it becomes rubbery or breaks, do not apply the product. Make an excellent hydration and wait 15 days to repeat the test process.

-01 Organic Liss Formol Free 1 Brush