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Let Me Be Protein Smoothing Single Step Hair Progressive 500ml - ProSalon

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Let Me Be without formaldehyde was developed with a new technology capable of restoring and preventing the aging of the hair in one application step, as well as eliminating prewash.

Because it is organic and 0% formaldehyde, does not cause any discomfort, no smell and no stinging of the eyes. We have a unique and exclusive formulation developed with a blend of amino acids and proteins that in synergy give the straightening result.

How to use:
Shake well before use. This product does not require prewash with the anti-waste shampoo. You should only wash your hair first with ordinary daily shampoo if your hair has cream, spray, leave-in or any other product. In this case, after washing, shampoo 100% and dry 100% before applying the product. For a perfect result, apply the product directly to the hair, wait the break time of up to 50min blond at 1:30h normal / resistant hair, rinse removing the product 100% of hair, dry 100% do not need to brush and nib very thin strands several times until you verify that the cuticle is sealed. Then just wash, applythe conditioner and dry to see the fantastic result. It is not obligatory to wash the yarn, just to see the result.

Tip for Blonde, Colored, Gray or Hair:
- The break time in blond, discolored or fuzzy is up to 50 minutes.
- After the break time, rinse 100% and dry 100% (no brushing required).
- Use the board with a maximum temperature of 180ºC.
- Hair can be tinted immediately after application if necessary.
- For shades above 7 or platinum, you can mix with the Protein Smoothing Single Step a tinter of your choice in the ratio of 80ml of Progressive to 20g of the tinting mask.
- To achieve a pearlescent result, mix the Progressive One Step with the Champagne Let Me Be mask in a ratio of 80ml from Progressive to 20g of the tinting mask.
*This product is compatible with all chemicals. Do the wick test before application

01 - ProSalon Smoothing Protein Single Step Progressive 500ml