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Brazilian Anti Frizz Nutrition 2x1 Ouro Gold Therapy Hair Treatment 1L - Nuance

by Nuance

 Made with Argan Oil, Mono Oil, Coconut Oil, Collagen and Panthenol, they provide long lasting hydration, supreme finishing while maintaining brushing durability, as well as thermal protection and anti-frizz action, providing an appearance of cuticular sealing. Providing shine, luminosity, lightness and smoothness to your hai

How to Use:
1. To Moisturize: After washing the hair with a  Moisturizing Shampoo (we recommend Macadamia Shampoo) apply the Gold Therapy Mask all over your hair, glaze and let it work for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

2. To Finish: Apply again a sufficient amount on the length of damp hair gently spreading, Finish with brush and board.

-Nuance Ouro Therapy 1L