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Quiabo Okra Progressive Brush Hair Straightening Kit 2x1L - Royal Professional


Royal's Okra Progressive brings the best. With Step 1 you will have a deep cleaning in the wires. Removing the accumulated residues that leave the hair heavy, opaque and lifeless. The action of the formula on your hair results in vitality, lightness and shine. Preparing for the Step 2 treatment that promotes complete hydration thread by thread, making them healthy, soft and with an intense and lasting shine.

Usage suggestion:
1 - Apply the anti-residue shampoo on wet hair, gently massaging the scalp, rubbing against the entire length of the strands;
2 - Rinse thoroughly and repeat this process if necessary;
3 - After using the anti-residue shampoo, dry your hair 100%;
4 - Divide them into four parts and start applying the product from the back of the neck;
5 - Wait 10 minutes;
6 - Dry the hair 100% with the aid of the dryer in cold air;
7 - Brush and plank 5 to 10 times.

01 - Okra Anti-Residue Dilator Shampoo - 1000ml;
01 - Okra Keratin Replacement Mask - 1000ml.