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Quinoa Keratin Coconut Okra Natural Smooth Reconstruction 500ml - Naturiam

NaturiamProgressive Okra Naturiam Without Formol Natural Smooth is a thermoactive compound with 10 ingredients rich in vitamins and proteins, which aid in shine, softness and a perfect smooth.

Naturiam Brazilian has developed an exclusive system that smoothes without the use of formaldehyde with a quick and easy procedure. It has in its formula Quinoa Extract, Okra Extract, Keratin Complex and Coconut Oil that together perform the thermal realignment with long lasting silk effect.

QUIABO: Rich in Polysaccharides, which acts as a great conditioner for hair, helping in the recovery of damaged hair by chemistry. It also reduces the volume, is moisturizing and contains high moisturizing power.

QUINOA: Contains Vitamin E that balances the production of natural oil, thus keeping the threads hydrated and reducing breakage.

KERATIN COMPLEX: Minimizes the aggressive surfactant effect and provides shine and resistance. It forms a homogeneous film on the surface promoting a greater reflection of the light rays incident on the hair, thus facilitating combing.

COCONUT OIL: Contains Vitamin K, Vitamin E and Iron, together penetrate the hair providing complete nutrition and thus allowing the hair to become more resistant.

Progressive Okra Without Formol Naturiam Brazilian provides the hair with softness, intense shine, total reduction of volume and elimination of frizz.

How to Use:
Wash your hair with shampoo. Rinse and dry the hair 80%. Apply the Okra Volume Reducer Naturiam Natural Smooth and let it act for 25 to 35 minutes (the pause time is according to the intensity of the smoothing). Remove the product from the hair under running water, make a pre-drying of 50%, start the brushing process, then plank strand by strand until the total alignment of the strands.
Finish as you wish.

01 - Okra Progressive Naturiam Natural Smooth 500ml