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Recovery Kit Champagne Bath Glamorous Brightness 4 Products - Madamelis


In this exclusive launch, the Champagne Bath line contains the richest and most modern actives for hair treatments. Now you get salon result with a line developed to treat your hairs at home. Meet and be amazed by this fantastic product that will make your head.

Its formulation contains Tamarind, the latest discovery for hair treatment, because it is rich in anti-oxidants, can fight against and prevent premature aging of the yarn. Increases the durability of the smooth, controls the frizz and provides extra brightness. In curly and curly hair, the effect changes to decrease the volume, and also prepares all types of hair for the iron and brush, prolonging the duration.

KERATINE, the fundamental protein for the yarn, providing growth and vitality.
D-PANTENOL, excellent moisturizer also known as Vitamin B5 with greater potential for results.

It deeply nourishes the hair revitalizing the entire surface, rebuilding the entire hair fiber, providing intense shine to the hair. For brush and plank prolongs the effect leaving the hair aligned, loose for longer.

Sequence of application:
1 -Shampoo Champagne Bath;
2 - Champagne Bath Mask;
3 - Champagne Bath Conditioner;
4 - Leave-in Champagne Bath.

- Apply the Champagne Bath Replenishing Shampoo to damp hair and massage for a few minutes. Repeat application if necessary.
-Apply a sulphic amount of the Champagne Bath Mask in the hair. Leave on for 10 minutes. Then rinse.
For a better result brush and plank the hair.
- Apply the Conditioner Replenishing Champagne Bath in the hair and let it act for a few minutes.
-Apply a small amount of Leave-in on clean and moist hair. It is not necessary to rinse.
For a better result brush and plank the hair.

01 - Shampoo 300ml
01 - Conditioner 300ml
01 - Leave-in 150g
01 - Mask 250g.