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Professional Tinting Red Moisturizing Treatment Mask 250g - Maria Escandalosa

Maria Escandalosa Tinting Red Mask is a tinting mask indicated especially for red and red hair. With its formula containing moisturizing actives, it promotes total tinting of red hair without drying out.

How to use:
01 - Wash your hair with Deep Cleaning Shampoo.
02 - Remove some of the moisture from the hair with a towel.
03 - With gloves, apply the Red Mask over clean and damp hair, evenly distributing the product throughout the hair.
04 - Apply strand by strand, glove and let it act for 3 to 5 minutes.
05 - When the desired shade is reached, rinse well until the product is completely removed.
Tip: The wick test is indicated to certify the desired color. The greater the porosity of the yarn, the more accentuated the color.

01 - Maria Escandalosa Red Mask 250g