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Repair Phyto Protector Restore Antioxidant Hydration Kit 2x1L - LOF Professional

The LOF Professional Repair Phytoprotector Duo Kit was carefully developed to restore the health of the hair. Its formula has a variety of actives that offer antioxidant action, hydration and repair. In addition to returning softness, shine and strength to the wires.

Phytocomplex Protector: technology responsible for deeply hydrating, recovering capillary softness, restoring the hair's shine and promoting strengthening.

How to Use:
Apply shampoo to wet hair and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly. Then apply the conditioner and spread it along the entire length of the wires and let it act for a few minutes. Rinse until no product residue remains.

-01 LOF Professional Repair Phytoprotector - Shampoo 1L: cleanses deeply and gently. With powerful ingredients such as Panthenol, Amino Acids and Nutritive Phytocomplex, it is capable of repairing hair from root to tip, deeply nourishing and restoring health to the hair.
-01 LOF Professional Repair Phytoprotector - Conditioner 1L: With a formula composed of Vitamin E, Amino Acids, Rice Protein, Flax Seed Oil and Panthenol, the product offers antioxidant, repairing and moisturizing action. Your strands are gradually stronger, softer and luminous. In the case of the colored ones, it still helps to protect the color.

*Mineral oil and paraben free formulation.