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Rosa Mosqueta Rosehip Renerative Moisturizing Treatment Kit 3 Itens - Vita Seiva


The Regenerative Shampoo has a moisturizing and nourishing action, thanks to the fatty acids and vitamins A and B complex of rose hips. At the same time that it cleanses the hair, it promotes the well-being of the scalp, helping in the healing of inflammatory processes.

Dry and brittle hair is completely revitalized with the progressive use of the product, in addition to being protected by its antioxidant properties.

HOW TO USE: apply to damp hair and massage until foaming. Rinse and if necessary, just repeat the process.

The Regenerative Conditioner has a moisturizing and nourishing action, thanks to the fatty acids and vitamins A and B complex of rosehip. It has moisturizing and emollient properties, leaving hair completely soft and silky.

The progressive use of the product (associated with the use of the Regenerative Shampoo) leaves the hair completely regenerated and healthy, as it stimulates the production of proteins and collagen essential to the health of the hair.

HOW TO USE: after washing the hair with shampoo, apply the conditioner two fingers below the root and massage the hair for better absorption of the product. Let it act for 2 minutes and then rinse.

Balm for weak and brittle hair, ROSE HIGH OIL HAIR BALM has a total regenerative action. Its formula was developed with rosehip vegetable oil, a flower rich in nourishing fatty acids, vitamin A and B complex and antioxidant properties. It promotes hydration and deep nutrition and stimulates the production of proteins and collagen, fortifying the hair and developing shine, elasticity and a healthy texture to the hair. The soothing and healing properties also help keep hair healthy for much longer.

HOW TO USE: Apply to damp hair and let it act for 3 to 5 minutes for quick hydration or 20 minutes for deeper hydration. Then rinse.


-01 Rosa Mosqueta Shampoo 300ml
-01 Rosa Mosqueta Conditioner 300ml
-01 Rosa Mosqueta Balm Mask 250g