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Professional Rosa Perfeita Progressive Thermal Reducer Formol Free 1L - Sphair

by Sphair


Now the professional hairdresser can perform volume reduction, shielding and hair straightening without harming the wires. Its Amino Acid Blend-enriched formula and intensive repair technology aims to replenish amino acids and nutrients while restoring hair fiber.

  • No formaldehyde;
  • Leaves hair frizz free;
  • Smoothes naturally;
  • Promotes hydration and softness;
  • Can be used by pregnant women and children over 12 years;
  • Durability of 3 months and easy application.

How to Use:
-With the help of a brush, apply the product strand by strand with a fine comb for better product distribution (on average 3g per strand).
-Allow to act for 20 to 30 minutes on chemically treated hair and 40 to 50 minutes on resistant hair.
-Thoroughly rinse hair and keep strands aligned during rinsing.
0Dry and completely dry the hair with the aid of brush and dryer.
Use the board (200-230ºC) on thin strands for about 5 times each strand.


-1 Sphair Rosa Perfeita Progressive Hair Treatment 1L