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Royal Power Organic Multifunction Protein Capillary Alignment 1L - Naturelle


Naturelle Royal Power Organic is the newest and most revolutionary technology for temporary smoothing and multifunctional action. Developed to nourish, moisturize and smooth the wires naturally and healthy. Offers the professional different high performance services with a single product. 

-Duration up to 5 months
-Does not waterproof the wires
-Without irritation and discomfort
-Can be used in pregnant women and children
-Reconstruct the hair fiber
-Dispenses the use of shampoo and aggressive treatments
-Does not cause harm to the health of the client and the professional
-Organic formula, without formaldehyde and derivatives

Compposed by tannins of vegetable origin, tannic acid and enriched with nano phyto-nutrients, nutri-functional oils, protein, wheat protein, royal jelly, cystine, collagen, keratin, peptides and organic extracts.

How to use:
-With totally dry hair, divide into quadrants.
-Begin the application by the nape of the neck using a brush that wraps around the wire with the product.
-Allow 10-30 minutes depending on resistance of the wires. Rinse.
-In the lavatory remove all the product with running water, use only water.
-Dry the hair with dryer, do not use brush, just dry.
-With your hair dry, divide it into fine locks and flat iron it 20 to 30 times each lock.
-Rinse with water at the end of the process.

-1 Naturelle Royal Power Organic Protein 1L